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Bob sometimes goes by the name of Mihai Dragomirescu. Online business developer, creative team builder and proud father. - currently Country Manager Getlokal Romania and owner of - positive parenting. See more: Who's Bob?
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Hospitality social media, the Dublin way


IMG_2585Last week I had the chance to attend WebSummit, telling people for the first time what we try to build over at Getlokal. We had an amazing experience, met hundreds of likeminded startups and investors and overall was quite proud of the feedback we received. But all about that in a different post :)

One of the things we try o build/educate is getting small business owners to engage with their customers in various ways. I received a lesson about that in Dublin and not only once. Bellow are two places we visited – a BBQ restaurant and the hotel we stayed in – they both interacted with me on a personal level and it felt so right and will definitely make me want to go back there when in Dublin again.

Pitt Bros BBQ

Buswells Hotel

Now – if you represent a business and see things in a similar way, respond to customers even if they are not asking you anything – just because they shared their location or uploaded a photo, willingly transforming themselves into your brand ambassadors – please, let’s have a talk. Would be so happy to work with you on some Getlokal experimental features and learn together how to be top of mind for your consumers.


going the extra mile


Hard to explain what “going the extra mile” at work means without going into what we like to refer to as being corporate/motivational bullshit.  I guess it’s a case by case thing…

Anyway – if you are a “going the extra mile” type web developer looking for a new challenge – and if you would like to join a regional (Eastern European) startup – then we should meet soon(!) as I’m looking for a new colleague at Getlokal in Bucharest. Here’s the complete JD. Or maybe you prefer bestjobs. Or jobber. :)

later edit: there’s a 2000 lei bonus for the person recommending me a developer that we end up hiring and goes through the probation period (3 months) successfully.


Getlokal Mobile App – v1.0


Here’a a walk-through of version 1.0 of Getlokal mobile app. It’s the first mobile app (iOS & Android) that I project managed but could have not been seen on app stores shelves without the incredible team behind it. So kudos goes to Lucian for the web-service (that bravely resisted hundred iterations after specs were already agreed), Catalin – our favorite hippie designer that had the nerve to adapt for more than a handfull Android screen sizes (horrible dev environment, btw) and to Robert & Mugur – the brave iOS and Android developers.

Give it a spin and tell me what you think. Will make sure to integrate most of your suggestions (if relevant to the business and app use) in version 2.0 that we are baking right now. As a side-note (but most important one) – the version of the app provides relevant information if you are in one of these countries: Romania, Bulgaria or Macedonia.

App microSite| Apple App Store link | Google Play link

P.S. Major personal win for me – I managed to show in person the app icon (when my battery was 1%) to Phil Libin (Evernote CEO) and he gave me some really great feedback but also said that the icon is pretty damn good!

Proud daddy!


I am grateful that my parents  introduced me to skiing when I was only 2 years old. It’s a great sport for so many reasons and I would love to practice it more often than I did in the last years. Here’s my chance as my 3 years and soon 8 months old baby girl Ioana just skied for the first time this weekend (on 12 January 2013, on Azuga Cazacu slope in Romania – to be more exact).  So proud. So happy!

some of the problems i had with my 49$ sunbear iphone 4s back panel – unique product, poor build quality


So …a few months ago I managed to break the back panel on my iPhone 4S. As there was no way of getting original spare parts at a decent price and the chinese copies I found were pretty lame – meaning that you could tell they are not original – I though that I might as well get one that is clearly not original (does not imitate the original one) but is unique and build well. I went for the foolish “if it’s expensive it must be good” and so I got a $49 wooden (real wood!) iPhone 4S back panel replacement part from

The first thing I noticed – there was no flash diffuser – one of the main reasons I bought this panel in the first place – as the cheap imitations had none and it proves that I was right – the picture quality are not the problem – but the fact that through that hole a lot of dust comes in, dust that sets on the interior of the camera lens, making the camera unusable (see pic in the gallery). I did not want to return it only for that so I applied some transparent tape on the inside over the flash hole. Of course dust got on the tape but not inside.

While cleaning the camera lens with a cotton stick I noticed that it was not glued properly and it easily came off – so I replaced it with the lens from the broken original back panel.

A few weeks passed and I noticed that the camera lens was getting full of dust. Where did the dust come in? Well – the panel was crooked because 2 of its hooks were broken. Check the pictures to see what I mean.

To recap, I replaced the lens, improvised a flash diffuser, glued the wooden part to the plastic frame – but I cannot do anything to fix the broken hooks and the panel is crooked – letting stuff inside my phone :(.

So – if you are thinking of getting a really good looking back panel for your phone and spend $49 + $3 (s&h) for it, think again. Or maybe I was unlucky to get one when their manufacturing process was not very well put together. Anyway – only positive thoughts for 2013 – so therefore I ask the people behind – what should I do?


Nudes by Shinichi Maruyama


Each “sculpture” above is made of 10,000 individual photographs of a nude dancer in motion.

I tried to capture the beauty of both the human body’s figure and its motion. The figure in the image, which is formed into something similar to a sculpture, is created by combining 10,000 individual photographs of a dancer. By putting together uninterrupted individual moments, the resulting image as a whole will appear to be something different from what actually exists. With regard to these two viewpoints, a connection can be made to a human being’s perception of presence in life.

Shinichi Maruyama

via. via.


Fresh look for


Vanity post about, the blog you are currently on :)

6 years ago, on December 15th 2006 – I was writing my first blog post, on my first blog, a self-hosted WordPress.

6 years on WordPressI never considered myself a blogger, nor took this too seriously – but I do recognize the benefits of having my own public *grin* corner where it’s so easy to imagine that crowds of internet aficionados follow my activity.

Keeping it real (got only 20-70 visitors/day) – I’ve decided to celebrate 6 years on with a brand new theme.

Actually I was just browsing ThemeForest  – when I came across this theme: Fixed by Okay Themes – I just had to get it! :) It feels so right, clean and well build it just makes me want to take better care of my content! And write more often!

Check all Mike McAlister themes  – they are all awesome – probably one of the best/unique WordPress themes out there. I just hope he is working on a news/magazine type theme right now so that can have a new look too ;-).

PS – Did you notice the big asterix in the top-right corner? Click it!

Bucharest, Romania: Christmas feelings and wishes for the new year


More than 6 months ago Getlokal Romania started a weekly video web series – called getWeekend – videos about going-out and lifestyle in Bucharest. Even though they are in Romanian, all videos have English subtitles.

This week we went out on the streets of Bucharest and asked people to tell us what Christmas reminds them of and what they would like to achieve in 2013. We were lucky enough to encounter beautiful and positive people and that’s another bonus point for Bucharest & Romania. And here’s the result.

Big thanks and full credits go to Ioana and Dorin that stayed in the cold weather for several hours 2 days to create this wonderful video! And of course, all the nice ladies and guys featured!

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