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Bob sometimes goes by the name of Mihai Dragomirescu. Online business developer, creative team builder and proud father. - currently Country Manager Getlokal Romania and owner of - positive parenting. See more: Who's Bob?
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Business partners with + = love


Meeting Emil and Tudor from was love and first sight and we instantly said we need to do something together. At that time was just seeing the light in Romania and being two busy (in a very positive way) companies – it took us almost a year to finalise what we‘ve been discussing since Read More

Logo Mamaloo


Ieri Starship Media (,, a lansat - Mamaloo nu este un forum. Mamaloo nu este o platforma de bloguri. Mamaloo nu este o cafenea. Mamaloo este toate aceste lucruri la un loc. Partea faina e ca e si doamna mea implicata, oarecum destul de mult – e Project Manager al acestui site. Deci Read More

Screen Shot 2012-10-01 at 12.54.49 AM – make better use of your 404-page!


Brilliant idea! Instantly implemented on most of sites! Example. Implement it on your 404-page, now! via [blackbirdpie url=""]

Ana presents: GetWeekend by

Getholiday pe


Am lansat impreuna cu colegii mei o noua campanie -> Getholiday! Mecanismul e foarte simplu si premiile sunt numai bune avand in vedere situatia critica in care ne aflam cu amanarea deciziei CCR. Succes!

Noi suntem Nicușor Danii părinților


Aveți mai jos prezentarea susținută azi la Social Media for Parents. Am avut ceva emoții dar sper ca v-ați regăsit în vorbele alea despre ce am învățat eu din meseria de tată. Spuneți-mi vă rog ce anume vreți sa detaliez din prezentare (timpul a fost limitat) si voi fi bucuros să o fac într-un articol Read More

How to blog / parents edition


How to-blog / parents edition View more presentations from Mihai Dragomirescu The above frame presentation that I used today for “Women and Children First” event – is in Romanian and is prepared for an audience that has nothing to do with Internet or blogs. So – basic stuff, without getting in too much details. (dacă Read More


Taxi 2.0 – free business oportunity


Premises: In this snowy weather I prefer not to use my car. So – if you have to run and get to lots of places/meetings – only viable option is to use a taxi. Even if I live in an European capital that has probably 70+ active taxi companies – it’s getting more and more Read More


How cool is that?


…when someone visits the MailChimp office, they plug their name into the iPad and select the employee they’re visiting. Meetcha then takes the visitor’s photo through the iPad, and emails their name and picture to the employee they selected. Finally, a visitor badge is printed off that clearly identifies the person and includes the date Read More

Change the world. Think different.


later edit: MacOS eastern egg – the same words are on the TextEdit (the Mac notepad) icon.

State of the Internet – Adria Market (by Gemius)


The aim of “It’s summer – let’s go south!” report is to provide an insight into the landscape of internet in such Adria region countries as Croatia, Slovenia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, as well as Serbia. Data shown in this report include general information on total population, online population and internet penetration on these markets as Read More

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