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Bob sometimes goes by the name of Mihai Dragomirescu. Online business developer, creative team builder and proud father. - currently Country Manager Getlokal Romania and owner of - positive parenting. See more: Who's Bob?
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some of the problems i had with my 49$ sunbear iphone 4s back panel – unique product, poor build quality


So …a few months ago I managed to break the back panel on my iPhone 4S. As there was no way of getting original spare parts at a decent price and the chinese copies I found were pretty lame – meaning that you could tell they are not original – I though that I might Read More


Nudes by Shinichi Maruyama


Each “sculpture” above is made of 10,000 individual photographs of a nude dancer in motion. I tried to capture the beauty of both the human body’s figure and its motion. The figure in the image, which is formed into something similar to a sculpture, is created by combining 10,000 individual photographs of a dancer. By Read More


Fresh look for


Vanity post about, the blog you are currently on :) 6 years ago, on December 15th 2006 – I was writing my first blog post, on my first blog, a self-hosted WordPress. I never considered myself a blogger, nor took this too seriously – but I do recognize the benefits of having my own public Read More

Bucharest, Romania: Christmas feelings and wishes for the new year


More than 6 months ago Getlokal Romania started a weekly video web series – called getWeekend – videos about going-out and lifestyle in Bucharest. Even though they are in Romanian, all videos have English subtitles. This week we went out on the streets of Bucharest and asked people to tell us what Christmas reminds them of Read More partners with + = love


Meeting Emil and Tudor from was love and first sight and we instantly said we need to do something together. At that time was just seeing the light in Romania and being two busy (in a very positive way) companies – it took us almost a year to finalise what we‘ve been discussing since Read More

Screen Shot 2012-10-06 at 2.08.44 AM

Facebook 1B users commercial explained… ahahahahahhaahahha


I don’t watch every video clip that’s sent my way. I have a young kid crawling around, a wife who’s the most interesting person in any room she enters, even if that room is occupied by Angela Merkel or past and current members of Duran Duran… … “Chairs are for people – and that is Read More

Screen Shot 2012-10-01 at 12.54.49 AM – make better use of your 404-page!


Brilliant idea! Instantly implemented on most of sites! Example. Implement it on your 404-page, now! via [blackbirdpie url=""]

2nd coolest city in Europe*


Most of my friends know that I am big fan of Romania and *Bucharest – so I tend to collect any digital footprint I can find that supports my beliefs. Here’s a great short-video-infographic about my country:

The new iPhone


Of course this article is just seo bait – but, why not? :) This is suposedly what Apple will launch on 12th September 2012:

Facebook share to page FAIL (firefox)

Facebook – Y U NO LET ME SHARE?


I’m a fan of sharing. It shows appreciation of the initial curator or poster by giving them credit and also directs some traffic towards their initial post (in case users don’t use this fab extension for previewing pictures without clicking them). I initially observed the below glitch in Facebook UI on the iPad (using more Facebook on Safari Read More

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