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The new iPhone


Of course this article is just seo bait – but, why not? :) This is suposedly what Apple will launch on 12th September 2012:

foto: Mihai Dragomirescu

Why it’s harmful to listen to the users


It’s time for brands to step up and trust themselves again. Take Apple. One evening, well into the night, we asked some of our friends on the Apple design team about their view of user-centric design. Their answer? “It’s all bullshit and hot air created to sell consulting projects and to give insecure managers a Read More

iPhone 3G vs HTC Magic. Sursa foto

Apple iPhone OS vs. Google Android


De cca 9 luni sunt heavy user de iPhone 3G. Telefonul este luat pe canalul oficial (via Orange), deblocat tot oficial si folosit in Vodafone. Combinatie mai proasta nici ca se putea, in conditiile in care platesc constant undeva intre 50 lei si 150 lei lunar depasirea traficului de mobile Internet (extra fata de cei Read More

MacBook Pro factory refurbished


I am considering buying a factory  refurbished MacBook Pro from Apple store. The deals are pretty good and from what they advertise seems that you get a pretty close to new product – all defective spare parts are replaced, the product is cleansed both inside and outside and they ship it with the latest Mac-OS Read More

Upgrades for MacBook and MacBook Pro


Apple released today the upgraded versions of MacBook and MacBook Pro. Besides the natural update to OS Leopard, there some hardware updates that definitely place the MacBook’s in the best performance notebook pool. MacBook now comes with: Latest Intel Core 2 Duo processors up to 2.4GHz, 2GB of memory standard on 2.4GHz models, Larger hard Read More