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Bob sometimes goes by the name of Mihai Dragomirescu. Online business developer, creative team builder and proud father. - currently Country Manager Getlokal Romania and owner of - positive parenting. See more: Who's Bob?
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Facebook Fail

Screen Shot 2012-10-06 at 2.08.44 AM

Facebook 1B users commercial explained… ahahahahahhaahahha


I don’t watch every video clip that’s sent my way. I have a young kid crawling around, a wife who’s the most interesting person in any room she enters, even if that room is occupied by Angela Merkel or past and current members of Duran Duran… … “Chairs are for people – and that is Read More

Facebook share to page FAIL (firefox)

Facebook – Y U NO LET ME SHARE?


I’m a fan of sharing. It shows appreciation of the initial curator or poster by giving them credit and also directs some traffic towards their initial post (in case users don’t use this fab extension for previewing pictures without clicking them). I initially observed the below glitch in Facebook UI on the iPad (using more Facebook on Safari Read More

Air France Fail

Air France Romania social media FAIL


Yesterday, Air France Romania announced on their Facebook fan-page the following: First paragraph says: “Competition: Take your vintage Air France luggage, get on board the Super Jumbo A380 and go to New York with the friendliest Air France pilots. What do you have to do in order to win one of these prizes?” The mechanism? Read More