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Bob sometimes goes by the name of Mihai Dragomirescu. Online business developer, creative team builder and proud father. - currently Country Manager Getlokal Romania and owner of - positive parenting. See more: Who's Bob?
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Betrayed Girlfriend


Just some usual conversation between a regular cats couple:

Remember T.A.T.U. ? NSFW


Last released video of T.A.T.U. is pretty revealing. If you ever wanted to check out the “lesbi” girls naked, here’s your chance: t.A.T.u – Beliy Plaschik (White Robe) *UNCENSORED* HQ via Eduard

2007 YouTube best adorable video


We are still normal. The best video in adorable category is not some dumb ass singing the numa numa song, nor some teenager showing her cleavage on the webcam. It’s a laughing baby ! Enjoy:

Animoto – create on the fly videos, online


As open platforms rampantly grow we will see more and more startups that offer services like Animoto. As covered by TechCrunch, Animoto enables you to create on the fly  videos from your photos. Here are some of Animoto’s really cool features: it allows you to retrieve photos from popular sites like: Flickr, Facebook, Smugmug, Picasa, Read More

YouTube Everywhere – major API announcement


As previously covered by TechCrunch, YouTube was preparing a huge announcement today. Everybody entered the comment frenzy and started guessing different feature announcements: high definition videos, live streaming, white label video solution, revenue sharing program world wide, partnership with Hulu, etc. The actual news is that YouTube is introducing a new set of APIs that Read More

No shit…:)


One of those commercials that you will remember and tell you friends about:

Push the tempo


This is a timelapse I made 7 years ago. Total recording time is over 9 hours. Those were the days – freelancing until 6 am :)